What do people have to say?

Private Client Reviews:

What made you want to work with me?

I wanted to learn French because I was a ‘native’ when I was younger and also did well in it during my time at school. I thought I could teach it to myself and get to a good level (B2 or above). I was about to start DuoLingo or something but then I saw your account on Twitter and saw that you specialized in languages. I figured you’d have some good advice for me and you did! You were welcoming and you provided me with simple frameworks that fitted with the way I learn and my lifestyle.

What problems were you expecting to solve going in? Have those problems been solved?

The biggest issue that I had was that I thought grammar was the most important thing but my perspective on that changed entirely since working with Odin. I had no framework in place to tackle the 4 areas: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

These issues have been tackled and I am already feeling more confident in writing, speaking, reading and listening to French.

Do you have any examples of how our work together helped you individually?

I think the best advice that you gave me was to maximize immersion but through doing things that you enjoy, and even if it’s a small amount it still adds up; it sounded simple but it was so effective. For me, this is watching ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ on the way to work and writing in my journal on my phone.

What were your likes and dislikes specifically?

Likes: Odin is a straightforward teacher who prioritizes what works for you rather than taking a generic approach. As Odin’s first language was English, he understands what it’s like to learn a new language from scratch.

Dislikes: Time zones could cause a potential issue with communication if you wanted a focused session. Personally, this has not been an issue for me.

Who do you think would most benefit from our services?

Anyone who wants to acquire their first language and those who have ‘dormant’ language skills that they want to build upon. Additionally, those who are capable of learning independently would benefit the most from working with Odin.

Would you recommend?

I would 100% recommend that you work with Odin if you are 1) looking to learn your first foreign language or 2) if you are aiming to relearn a language like I am. However, Odin will give you the tools but ultimately it is you that has to do the work.

- B.F